Dr. Pamela

"My purpose has evolved during the six decades of life I have lived thus far and I know that each new purpose is built upon stones of purpose that have prepared me for the next. I have been a daughter, wife, mother, friend, doctor, missionary, author, speaker, student, teacher, wisdom seeker."

Know Her Why

I love taking care of people. One of the treasures of my life has been the privilege to enter the lives of those suffering through unexpected diagnoses, disease, physical pain, and emotional distress. I do not take for granted this calling to serve and the blessing of knowing God’s will in my life. Writing, speaking, and communicating with you allows me to reach more, help more, and learn more. This is a part of my evolutionary purpose, stones built upon the cornerstone of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

In 2018 a dying patient comforted me with the words, “It’s okay, I am going to have a good death.” Her peace through her suffering inspired my quest for the answers to “What are the ingredients of a good death?” The ingredients discovered for a good death changed my life and my hope is that they make your suffering a little less and your joy a little more.


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