The Hornet and the Hummingbird

  1. Helen M. Pyle-Cook says:

    Well, said Pamela! I recall staying with you and Scott when you lived on the Ocean. As you know I am not a morning person, however when I was visiting ya’ll I truly enjoyed waking and walking on the beach (sand) as Dawn came up. I remember the glorious site of the colors in the rising sky. Thank you for allowing me to have these memories. Love you,

  2. Paula says:

    I am often afraid to learn the lesson; or if asking the Lord to show me the lesson, it is so that I may move through the experience quickly. I want to stay in the moment and savour the lesson and the life to be lived while abiding. I am grateful for your insights and musings.

    • Pamela pyle says:

      In writing a book on dying, I really began to understand the value of living in the moment. Not all moments are lessons, some are just meant to take our breath away with awe or stop our heart with joy or do both with intense suffering. We know we are not promised tomorrow and yet it is so easy easy to live as if we will have endless tomorrows. I will pray for the pauses to come your way and I miss you! Thank you for reading!

  3. Victoria Walker says:

    Yes Pamela! well said…thats just another reason I hate killing any bug! I know that God created it for a purpose…I just haven’t figured it out for some of them! palmetto bug comes to mind! lol

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