The Scientific God

  1. Terri winterhalter says:

    Wow! So much to ponder. I ,too ,believe we are all inter connected with everyone and everything but especially to our God. You have such a gift… keep sharing… Terri

  2. Pamela Pyle says:

    Thank you Terri and I look so forward to our visit!

  3. Tom Polen says:

    you write so beautifully. to me Christ is the oneness of all things. fr richard rohr uses the word relationship for connectedness. God is everywhere and in all things.
    i thought you did yoga?

    • Pamela pyle says:

      I do yoga and interestingly it was one of the times, where my mind slows enough to hear God. Thank God because otherwise it is on full speed ahead!

  4. William says:

    This is beautiful Dr Pam you’re a big blessing to this generation
    Your encouraging words of wisdom and love towards the church of Christ is a such big pillar of God’s kingdom.
    Africa loves you Pam and your family ❤️ bless you

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