Love Your Mother to Death

  1. Claudia L. Berner says:

    Oh my… I miss my Mom every minute of everyday. I reflect back on our time together and pray it was what she needed. She saw me take my first breathe… and I was with her when she took her last. Thank you Dr Pamela. Your words touch my soul.

  2. Tom Polen says:

    i was just like my mother; therefore, i hated her most of her life. having taken care of her the last three years of her life, with god’s help, reconciled our relationship with love.

    • Pamela pyle says:

      Relationships with our parents can be complicated. Best advice that I received in my 30’s is that we are wired to love our parents and when we can forgive them and love them regardless, we can become more healthy. The second piece of advice is to understand that if our mother or father was a poor parent, that he or she most likely had even worse parenting.
      I’m glad you restored your relationship before her death. Well done!

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