Why Write About Death?

  1. I’m not sure why I find this topic so interesting. I don’t like thinking of dying but I do like to realize it’s out there. My hope in reading your book one day is that it will help me help others as my life venture grows and one day help others in the days my venture ends!
    I enjoyed your writing style in this passage and I very much look forward to reading the book soon!

  2. Pamela pyle says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for signing up. I’m not sure anyone truly likes thinking about dying and all the fears and unknown of what that will be like for us. I am working on a new website that will help the reader understand in greater depth (with associated needed tools) of why thinking about death now will help you live your best life. For now I will leave you with two questions I ask myself daily and one that I had to answer with an affirmative.
    Am I truly living my moments?
    Am I fully breathing my purpose?
    Am I confident of my destination?
    Because death can come at any time, I want to live a life where any day could be my last. This is why A Good Death is Not an Event, but a Lifestyle. However, in our lifestyle there are things, practical things you can do now or in the event of a diagnosis or our inevitable aging process which can lead to a good dying and death.

    Thank you so much for the complement and for reading.

    Dr. Pamela

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