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Why start with belief?

I can care for you in your life and in your dying and yet, how much do I really care if I don’t share the source of my peace, my joy, my HOPE! I will give you tools to plan for a healthy life, a life of wonder and grace, and your good death. However, I want you to know that the most important gift I have to share, my faith, is the one which gives me confidence for my best death. 

It is only on this side of your final breath that you will have an opportunity to believe in what happens on the other side of that last breath.
This is faith. 

“Every man must do two things alone;
he must do his own believing and his own dying."
- Martin Luther

The pictures are meant to reflect a life story but at any time that life story can be forever altered by disease, tragedy, death and do we live our lives with the truth that No Day is Promised. What if we approached the site with our “WHY” being A Good Death is Not an Event, It is a Lifestyle. And each area of the website are the ingredients for living my good death lifestyle.

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