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No Ordinary Gift

Oct 14, 2021

My husband, Scott, is a wonderful gift giver. Early in our marriage he would give things that sparkle and delight. Diamonds and sapphires were his expressions of love that came from working hard making them the all the more valuable. Beautiful art found near and far marked our travels and surround me as I write […]

A Reckless Dreamer

Oct 10, 2021

A Reckless Dreamer is one called by purpose and with God is not bound by the possible but the limitless. A good death includes looking back upon one’s life and finding it meaningful. We all have reckless dreams placed before us and yet fear of failure, or delay to fruition keeps us from seeing the […]

September 11th will always be remembered but how can we discover peace for our broken hearts?

A tree of possibility standing next to me It’s branches bowed by the nests of many Hope brimming each  with dreams to be Placed by the Dream-maker because HE sees   I observed these nests surrounded by Birds with fluttering wings waiting high To swoop down as if they heard a cry To the distant land […]


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