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Martin Luther once said, “Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.” I’ve shared with you in the series, Facing Your Fears About Dying and Death,  an unhealthy fear, the healthy fear, the biology of fear, and most recently the fears associated with the dying process. […]

Time stops.  You look around the room hoping for beauty to be found. Beauty calms your heart, settles your thoughts, and you know in this moment how much you need its power. Your soul is crying, “Beauty, where are you?” Your frenetic wandering eyes notice a small window half shrouded by dingy white curtains. Yet, […]

            It began with a small pinpoint of green at the tip of an otherwise brown stem. It was the shade of green that we associate with new life, bright, hopeful, and stretching to the sun in which it delights. I marveled in the truth of what I once thought dead, had life. I do not […]

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