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You cannot imagine worse than the illness which has brought you great suffering. Pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, weakness, oh, the weakness, have made you feel a shell of the self you once knew. You have had endless nights of sleeplessness waiting on the next doctor’s report. Worry accompanies your days and fear accompanies […]

“You can’t plan for all possibilities, but you can possibly plan for most.” Dr. Pamela Prince Pyle I stepped into the elevator and immediately sensed the tension between the two women who stood with arms crossed, one tapping her foot with an annoying volume. I could feel the weight of words which must have ceased […]

“When you prepare today for tomorrow, tomorrow doesn’t seem quite so scary.” Dr. Pamela Prince Pyle I have yet to meet a patient or his or her family that regrets the amount of time they spent preparing for the knowable and the unknowable. Yet, I have witnessed carnage from those who arrive at “death’s door” […]

Time stops.  You look around the room hoping for beauty to be found. Beauty calms your heart, settles your thoughts, and you know in this moment how much you need its power. Your soul is crying, “Beauty, where are you?” Your frenetic wandering eyes notice a small window half shrouded by dingy white curtains. Yet, […]

“From the moment we are born, we are on a crash course with dying.” Dr. Pamela Prince Pyle Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick…Tock You perch on the edge of the chair with rigid arms and fidgety feet. Your eyes are drawn to the clock face and its stiff second-hand jerking between invisible numbers. Tick. Tock. […]

She was gorgeous, with long blond hair that was the envy of all her friends. Typically, such beauty is intimidating to other women; however, Julie’s external beauty was overshadowed by her inner attractiveness. She was a warm, generous soul. As a result, she enjoyed a rich life centered on her faith, family, and countless friends.  […]

We were on a three-hour road trip. My husband Scott was “driving” a self-driving car, our friend Jerry sat in the passenger seat, and I was in the back. Jerry was trying to reel in his fear from taking his first-ever ride in a self-driving car and tamp down his growing hunger as the aroma […]

In June of 2017, I visited the famous Western Wall in Jerusalem. On this beautiful, cloudless day, the sky a brilliant blue, the place was packed with pilgrims who had come to pray. With my head covered out of respect for the traditions of this sacred place, I approached the women’s side to pray with […]

The Covid-19 pandemic may finally be slowing, but the pandemic has shone a stark light on one human problem that we’ll never escape. One day books analyzing the pandemic will fill whole rows in libraries, but no analysis can dim the glaring human condition that we must face—the fact that we’re all going to die. […]

A child has a traumatic brain injury caused by a stray bullet. Parents clutch the child with an awareness of warmth that will soon fade away. An entry and exit wound quickly assessed by paramedics and reported to receiving trauma center. A solemn response is heard from a disembodied voice in return. It is the […]


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