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His wife and I stood on opposite sides of the bed, each of us holding his hands which were bony and ice cold. The pallor of his skin barely detectable against the white sheet. He could not tolerate the mask that would deliver oxygen and breaths often used by those who had advanced pulmonary diseases. […]

Living with the end in mind changes everything!

No Ordinary Gift

Oct 14, 2021

My husband, Scott, is a wonderful gift giver. Early in our marriage he would give things that sparkle and delight. Diamonds and sapphires were his expressions of love that came from working hard making them the all the more valuable. Beautiful art found near and far marked our travels and surround me as I write […]

When I began writing today about legacy, I wanted to share about writing a personal legacy statement. However, though I will one day share with you these thoughts and the steps to building your Legacy, I couldn’t today. Today I must write about the Legacy of someone I love. He walked to his final destiny last night. […]


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