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Living With The End In Mind


Hope for Every Season Introduction
The Importance of Hospice Care with Hospice Nurse Penny
Pain Management: A Chat with Dr. Stephen Boatwright
Journeys Through Marriage and How to Build a Strong Foundation in Jesus with Chuck and Marsha
Hope in Sixty Seconds
Speaking about the Christianity Crisis in Nigeria with Rev. Johnnie Moore
Using the Tool Called Mindfulness with Jacquie O’Malley
A Chat with Dr. Caliendo about His Journey Through Life that Brought Him to a Life of Strong Faith
Navigating Childhood Grief with Sydney Ford
Linda Manley and Finding Comfort in Unexplainable Near Death Experiences
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About Dr. Pamela

Dr. Pamela Prince Pyle is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Chair of the Board of Africa New Life Ministries in Rwanda, Museum of the Bible Women of Legacy Ambassador, Loveology Xpert, author and speaker. She writes on topics of faith and medicine and is published in a variety of international news sources.

Planning for Peace Checklist

Planning for Peace
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