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  1. When Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx speak at the Task Force Updates my family knows that is quiet time as I listen to their facts, watch their body language and try to absorb all that they are saying. Yes, as mentioned, I am a superfan! Last night there was a hard shift in tone, message, and body language. They are warriors after all. I believe they saw data from realities experienced on the ground which shifted their models significantly. In fact, they stood taller, with more grit on their faces than ever before. We CAN expect more spread of the virus, we can expect a higher death count than what they were saying even as recently as Thursday. We CAN get through this though we have not yet seen the worst.  I researched the models of predictions and have found the following most consistent with the data that they received which changed their projections. This projection model has an easy user interface and looks at the US as well as your state. It projects deaths and resource use including hospital beds, ICU beds, and ventilators. It is entirely PREDICATED on maintaining social distancing and other mitigating factors currently in place. It could get better if our mitigation efforts change even further. While this night will last a little longer (expected to peak in deaths on April 15th), the sun will still rise bringing morning once again. In the meantime, if you look at this model think about what you can do to make a difference in provision of the resources which may be needed or how you may help your neighbor. Right now I consider everyone my neighbor.
  2. There are multiple trials taking place that are looking at therapies for improving outcomes for those with Covid 19. They are now doing randomized control trials and giving compassionate use medications (meant for the most serious ill). If these work, they will increase production and those who need it will have access to the medication. Three that stand out are:
  • Remdesivir – There are three clinical trials currently in the US looking at efficacy and safety of this medication. They will provide great information for both and are enrolling patients. NIH,Gilead, and Gilead. Gilead Sciences (the manufacturer of Remdesivir) is also expanding a compassionate use program that is described here
  • Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin continue to be looked at closely with studies around the world. You may be a candidate for a study in you city, state, or nation. You can learn more at this site.This does not mean that everyone should rush out and stockpile these two medications. In fact, the SC Medical Board forbids prescribing without diagnosis. All medications can have potentially adverse consequences which is why we must continue to follow the rules of science.
  • The third interesting therapy is one that has been around for a while and is the use of convalescent plasma for patients with critical disease. Trials for this are taking place through the globe, and one will be recruiting in the US at Mayo Clinic. I would like to add that we give plasma for other conditions currently, however, to have plasma, we must have blood donations. The Red Cross has had over 1500 cancellations with an expected 46,000 reduction in donors. Friends, this is critical because no matter the circumstances of COVID 19 a blood shortage can impact anyone now or tomorrow. You can research how you can make a difference by going to their website.

I would like to add the following regarding clinical trials. I know that many of you are fighting the same diseases which you had before we knew the term Corona Virus or COVID 19. To be your own health advocate, consider looking at www.clinicaltrials.gov. Potentially life altering or life saving trials for every disease imaginable are still taking place. All you do is enter your disease and see if you would be a candidate and then discuss with your physician for further advice.  

Did you know that sunshine can improve your health? When your skin encounters the rays of natural sunlight it triggers your body’s production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D protects against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, helps your muscles, improves brain function, improves depression, and may decrease cancer. However, how much is enough and how much is too much.  I would love for you to read this position paperor at least the answer to help you decide for yourself.  Someone very close to me just battled a melanoma so balance is key. 

The beautiful thing about the sun, it always rises and is there even when we feel that we remain in the night.

The sun kisses the sky as it rises

above this beautiful vista.  

Thank you my loving husband, Scott,

for this picture today!

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