Two PLUS 89 reasons to have medical hope PLUS Another great story of hope for humanity

This past week we received some good news in the fight against COVID 19. I described in a previous post that the best type of early news from the myriad of trials taking place for medical interventions is that we would receive an announcement that there were statistical differences between a treatment group vs. the non-treatment group that would change the landscape of how we are currently treating the disease. This occurred with the Gilead drug, remdesivir. Early findings revealed that this medication shortened the illness in severe cases with trending towards mortality benefit. Based upon these findings the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization. What this means is that patients identified as having low blood oxygen, or are requiring oxygen, or on a ventilator will be candidates for this therapy. However, this does not mean that this will be the end of the trial nor the final answer of this medication’s efficacy and safety profile. This at least allows further study to be continued and in the meantime, its use for those patients most in need. 

The FDA also gave Emergency Use Authorization for convalescent antibody plasma with strict monitoring and three different pathways in which a patient may receive this therapy. As you may recall, plasma of recovered patients that have associated antibodies are injected into actively ill patients that have not yet mounted their own immune response. Early results are promising. 

Finally, over 89 vaccines are being studied around the world and some are expected to enter human trials by mid-summer. Some companies are predicting availability perhaps as early next year.

This truly has been an extraordinary time between private and public partnerships to work nttogether to achieve a common goal. However, it has also been a time for heroes to be discovered,  innovation beginning with a simple ideal, and learning our neighbor doesn’t just live in our neighborhood, community, state, or country but in our world. I saw a Facebook story this week that was sweet and ingenious.  Brooke Christl, a photographer, began taking front porch pictures of families and catching them for a moment in their casual best and together. She donates the money to local charities to help care for her neighbor. Simple, elegant, important. Do you know of anyone serving their neighbor that we can also share their story? Let’s turn the conversation from what we’ve lost to what we’ve gained. 

The photo for this post is one of these front porch family pictures and dear friends of ours! Thank you Keith and Melanie Hellmer and thank you Brooke Christl for being a good neighbor!

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