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A Prayer for the Cancer Patient

Life with cancer can result in a roller coaster of emotions. Caring for emotional health is as important as physical health. Authentic sharing of fears, concerns, and anxieties with loved ones, friends, and professionals is beneficial.

However, during the battle, your Christian faith can bring comfort regardless of your journey. While I have not had cancer, I have had trials including physical challenges. God’s word has comforted me in my time of need. I would pray His word over and over and when I didn’t know how to pray, I would rest my head on my Bible and He would comfort me with His Holy Spirit.

When you need the comfort of your faith consider praying this prayer for the cancer patient and the scripture that inspired it.

My Lord and Savior,

My mind needs your peace. My body needs your healing touch. My soul needs your comforting presence.

Prayer for the Cancer Patient

Lord, you are my comfort in my affliction and I trust your promise of life, eternal life.

Jesus, my family and I need your gracious mercy as I fight this cancer. We long for you in our fears, worries, and anxieties. Each morning I yearn for your strength as I am weak. Save me in my distress.

Prayer for the Cancer Patient

Prince of Peace, King of Kings you are my strength and my portion. While my heart may fail, you will never fail. I know you are good, and I trust you.

Prayer for The Cancer Patient

You walk beside me in the valley. The river of life flows in the valley and it refreshes the earth upon which we walk. I will fear no evil because you walk beside me. I will be comforted by your rod and staff because you hold them. You are good and I will lean on you when I am weak. You are good and I trust you will carry me when I can no longer walk.

Your Word is the honey of grace for which my soul longs. Its sweetness heals my fractured bones.

Lord, I know you as the great physician, the healer of mind, body, and soul.

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