Dr Pamela Prince Pyle

A Reckless Dreamer

A Reckless Dreamer is one called by purpose and with God is not bound by the possible but the limitless. A good death includes looking back upon one’s life and finding it meaningful. We all have reckless dreams placed before us and yet fear of failure, or delay to fruition keeps us from seeing the end result of that dream. If you find yourself in this place may I encourage you with the following poem in which the answer to this perplexing problem is found.


I stood upon the precipice of possibility

And peered down at the beautiful valley

I could see many streams with possible dreams

Flowing into the valley below

Yet my eyes were drawn across the great chasm

To the land of the limitless beyond what I could see

I asked of the one who stood by my side

Lord, am I to join one of these beautiful dreams

Flowing from your Grace up above

Or May I call upon Your Winds to carry me across

To the Reckless Dream that you will show me?

For Lord, I know IN you that the desert

can yield a harvest that none may call their own

This is the land of the Reckless Dreamsyoiur

A place you call your home

Dr. Pamela Prince Pyle

Every dream can be accomplished but reckless dreams are reliant on God. Living a reckless dream has been a part of my journey to A Good Death. Failure while trying is courageous. I have failed many, many times while trying and when I wanted to quit, I had people in my life, including my husband, Scott, who gave me lift exactly when I needed. They are my tribe. Look for your Reckless Dream. It is there waiting till you hear your call. Chose courage to conquer the fear of failing. Seek out your tribe. Your reckless dream is waiting.

The picture above reflects one of my Reckless Dreams and I am holding hands with others who were also given this reckless dream of the http://www.DreamMedicalCenter.com. However, nothing would have been possible without the Reckless Dreamers that founded and care for the ministry I love, http://www.AfricaNewLife.org.

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