It is a fall day. Here in the South, those first days of fall are heralded by a slight coolness in the mornings that refreshes as it caresses your skin. I sit outside as I work to capture the inspiration I inevitably receive from God’s creation. 

I am still.

I gaze at a set of wispy clouds that are forming over me. I become transfixed as they touch each other as though sharing a gentle kiss and then change shape as they drift away. Young lovers forever changed by the warmth of their first kiss. The longer I watch these clouds, my imagination catches fire. Is that a star, a bear, a cross, or an angel? I delight in this simple game.

Soon, however, I notice that they are gathering. I see these wispy clouds drift towards each other as if pulled together and are bound by an invisible thread. They become dense and rise higher in the sky and I recognize the beginning of a storm cloud forming. 

I am still.

Then God spoke, “This is my creation and I created it for connection.”

Sometimes I write what I think, sometimes I write what I feel, and sometimes I write what I believe God speaks to my soul. I know it is the latter in this case. 

Each of those clouds forming had something in common. They shared the simple molecule, H20. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen molecule bound by covalent links. Depending on its form, each molecule is bound to three or four others to form clusters of connection.

Patterns of connection are found throughout the physical world and humanity in its hubris declares victory when they identify this intimate relationship between the world we see and the world we discover. 

Atoms are composed of a nucleus with subatomic particles of protons and neutrons with circulating electrons kept in perfect connection though the atom itself is ninety-nine percent empty space. 

The gravitational pull and other Laws of Nature point towards the Creator God. A God that created a world for connection. The significant number pi (3.14159) was discovered by Greek mathematicians in the equation of dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter. I see this number in equations describing light, subatomic particles, and others which are not related to these Greek mathematicians or even a circle. 

I ask, “How can we not look to Creator God for these invisible connections that we know and are yet to “discover”?”

If we want to look towards the unnatural splitting of connection, we can examine atomic bombs whose very energy and destructive force is caused by the splitting of an atom. A hydrogen bomb is a thermonuclear explosion caused by the unnatural fission and fusion of a hydrogen atom.

As I looked once more to the wispy clouds in the sky, I considered what I felt God had spoken that morning.

God in that moment was telling me that He, His world, His earth, His Creation is designed to be connected. And we, humanity, are designed in His image. True relationship begets connectedness. This begins by seeing God’s Glory in His Creation.  

Connection with God and others is how we are designed. When we find ourselves wandering, struggling, distant, searching, we are unknowingly yearning to connect to the fullness of God and of others. 

This world that we, WE, are allowing to happen is not a part of God’s plan or God’s judgement. It is an opportunity for us to yearn for the very things for which we were created. That deep pit in our hearts that can’t be filled with anything else in the world is seeking the One who fills. 

It is also a time to connect to things that matter. Our bonds that have been broken one by one must be tended to. We must find ways to grab our fellow Hydrogens and bond to our Oxygen, who is God. Then as water let us cluster together in sets of three and see what we can do. Have you ever seen the power of water? It cuts through solid rock. It moves mountains. It can move the shore and set the sea. 

We are a part of the natural world and therefore if we are to align with our physical law of creation then we must learn how to connect, with Him and with others. Our very existence depends upon it.

I jump up, no longer still. I cannot wait to share with you what God spoke…

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