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“I don’t care what you say to me. I will always love you and I will never leave you.”

Imagine hearing those words from someone you know …would it cause joy, fear, curiosity, or acceptance to rise up in you? 

Our most recent guest on the Ask About My Faith podcast, Pamela Pyle, shares her story of hearing those very words from her husband while out to dinner one night. The narrative of “men leave, men hurt” found itself challenged by the faithful love of her spouse in the face of a deep marital struggle. 

The Life-Changing Power of Unconditional Love

“He stole my husband!”

When Pamela’s husband, Scott, encountered God during a near-death experience, her husband’s demeanor and behaviors drastically changed. Their fast paced, bad-boy meets good-girl romance found a new rhythm as Scott reoriented his entire life to follow Jesus. Pamela felt angry at God for stealing her husband’s heart away and frustrated at Scott for letting him do so. 

For two years, her husband faithfully prayed for her to know Jesus. On a warm afternoon, Pamela had an encounter that caused time to stand still as she read the book “God of My Father” by Dr. Larry Crabb. As she finished the book, she felt intense peace come over her, which caused her to fall on her knees in gratitude. She told Jesus, “I’m sorry for hating you!” and received Him into her heart.

When she told her husband the good news, they wept, rejoiced, and Pamela was proud to say: “He saved me!”

This real, profound, and intimate encounter changed the course of Pamela’s life forever.

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Medical Missions Sparks a Catalyst for More

After Pamela had given her life to the Lord, she felt led to visit Rwanda. She went on a medical missions trip and fell in love with the people. Upon returning to the U.S, she began to pray about opening a clinic in Rwanda. Pamela was surprised to find that, while fundraising for the land was easy, fundraising for the clinic was tough. To her surprise, it was because the Lord wanted her to dream even bigger and to establish a hospital on the land rather than a clinic.

In partnership with Africa New Life, Pamela and her team built a hospital that remains the second largest in the country. They see upwards of 55,000 patients a year and since 2018, only one person has died in their hospital.

Pamela invites our listeners to sponsor a child through Africa New Life and see the power of generosity in real time! While recording this episode, she informed us that for every child our listeners sponsor, she will visit each individual child in Rwanda on our behalf!

To sponsor a child, visit their website: Africa New Life

Unconditional Love on Mission

Whether Pamela is in the states or on the field in Rwanda, she is always living her life on mission. Throughout the years, she coined the phrase “Go.” “No.” or “Let me minister.” She found that the Lord would clearly speak to her about whether she was to “Go” and share the Gospel with someone, whether it was a “no” and she was to pause, or whether she was to pray and minister encouragement to someone.

Pamela’s simple approach has helped her stay connected to the Lord and his heart for people, while also honoring whomever she meets. 

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How Unconditional Love Creates Boldness

Pamela’s voice is full of joy when she shares the good news of Jesus! Whether she’s preaching to prisoners, holding the hands of the dying, or encouraging a patient, her faithful love and honor are contagious to everyone she meets. Here are some of her tips to grow in sharing your faith!

Start Your Day With God

Each morning, Pamela’s alarm clock rings at 5 am so she can spend quality time with the Lord. Currently, she’s been reading through the Bible in a year. You can visit the One Year Bible Plan website to listen to today’s reading.

Write notes and prayers

There’s nothing like opening a Bible to find notes, post-its, and prayers scattered through the pages. Pamela has been recording notes in her Bible from 1996 – 2024 and encourages you to write down your thoughts and prayers in your Bible at home.

If you see someone who looks uncomfortable, say “Hello!”

It is simple to engage with those around us. Everyone is walking through something, so be bold, make the first move, and get to know the people in front of you! 

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