Dr Pamela Prince Pyle

The Tree of Dreams

A tree of possibility standing next to me
It’s branches bowed by the nests of many
Hope brimming each  with dreams to be
Placed by the Dream-maker because HE sees
I observed these nests surrounded by
Birds with fluttering wings waiting high
To swoop down as if they heard a cry
To the distant land I would see them fly
I said, “I do not understand Old Tree
Why they choose you in place of me
My branches strong as they should be
Standing tall and even predators flee
"Your branches strong, now this is true,
Yet the birds they know they are full of you
The key to hold a nest of dreams to be
Is to bow and serve my dear Young Tree
My strength lies not in what you see
But  roots below this bended tree
For winds have bowed me to my knee
For these birds to know I am full of HE
Young Tree, be patient and do not fret
For God will surely  use you yet
Your place is purposed where you set
He knew truth you’d seek and you will get"

2 Responses

  1. renata has kept me informed with your recent opportunity, i am so happy you are on the mend. i love you and scott. your friendship has always been appreciated.
    having lived on the farm has opened my eye to the need of the root ball.

    prayers and love for a full and quick recovery

  2. Honestly Tom when I think of all the people you have served through the years, I truly could see you speaking as the old tree. The photo was from two trees outside of Kageyo where we worked. It was quite amazing to see this whirlwind of activity in one tree and not the other. Lessons from nature! Much love and thank you for your prayers! Pamela

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