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You Are Not Alone In Your Story

It is early and the morning light has not yet illuminated the shadowy objects just outside my window and yet I know there must still be light for me to detect their shape. This faint light is enough to wake me from sleep and my morning begins.

I want to pray. My heart is heavy for the world and I don’t know what to pray. 

I sit quietly and know that God hears the Spirit within me when my mind does not have the words. The light of the sun now stretches to the glorious sky even before its appearance on the horizon. I am comforted in my stillness. I trust.

The greatest majority of my medical career has been in hospitals, however, the past 11 years I have been deeply engaged in Rwanda and a ministry that I serve with as doctor, leader, board member. These worlds could not be more different and yet this virus has become an equalizer. As cases spread and more deaths occur, fear drives everyone into their home. While we hate to stifle our freedom, we are more afraid of what lies “out there”. However, in truth, we were meant for relationship, love, and purpose. Social distancing and sheltering in place can shake the very core of who we are meant to be. I receive emails, and Facebook messages, and texts from around the world of needs much greater than mine. They feel alone in their story. You may feel alone in your story. I sometimes feel alone in my story. We are not alone in our stories!  

I know that you have more strength than you know and you are building GRIT. Please share your story here or with someone else. By sharing our stories we may find someone else to encourage or be encouraged. We may find someone else to help or be helped. We may find a way to love and be loved. We were meant to be together and though we are worlds apart, we are actually quite near. You are not alone in your story, we are with you. However, more importantly, God is with you even if it is hard to feel him in this perilous time. That belief is what settled my heart this morning and and directed me to action.

My story is that I believe as long as I have breath, I have purpose. I chose this image of my sweet grandson Fisher because it reminded me of these questions:

  • What am I picking up today?
  • What am I letting go of today?
  • What will last and what is temporary?

Therefore, I am pulling my stethoscope out of my travel bag and preparing to return to hospital work. I want to be a grit grower!

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What’s Your Story?

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